Bikejor extension

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cani-MTB attachment system


  • Color: blue, black, red, green
  • Size: 26/27.5 inch or 29 inch


  • The Bikejor Extension™ is designed to complement a canicross leash to obtain a length similar to that of a canicross mountain bike leash. The attachment ring arrives just at the end of the bar to prevent it from hanging under it when the line is not taut. The Bikejor Extension can be used with or without a pull-up bar. It can be connected for example with a canicross leash, a walking leash, a central hitch line, etc.
  • Main characteristics
  • Total length: 90
  • Length in front of the bike: 55-65 cm depending on the frame
  • Compatible with any type of cani-VT bar
  • Compatible with any type of bike/scooter
  • Ultra-strong bartack seams
  • Maximum number of dogs: 2

Data sheets

  • 2 years warranty
  • Cani-mountain biking, cani-scooter activities
  • Weight 46 g in size 29 inches
  • Extended length 90 cm
  • Care instructions - machine washable: short cycle, cold or 30°
  • - load the machine with other textile products to prevent the carabiners from hitting the drum


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Bikejor extension