Interactive bowl, flying disc

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The SPIN Flying Disc is a multifunctional accessory that can be used both as a flying dog toy or as a licking pad (compatible with the SPIN base). SPIN bowls encourage sniffing, licking and problem solving during mealtimes, which naturally slows eating and prevents choking, bloating and eating too quickly.


  • Color: blue or orange


  • Your dog is used to his interactive bowl, you want to diversify his meals, the flying disc is for you. DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE BASIC.
  • Reversible: to place kibble or lich mats
  • Can be used as a Freezbee
  • Sustainable modular design
  • Each SPIN accessory provides unique interactive feeding play when added to the SPIN base.
  • Since only the functional unit is produced as an add-on to the SPIN base, this significantly reduces the total plastic usage and price of each new game we developed.

Note: the bowl is not included

Interactive bowl, flying disc