Slow Down Bowls, Paw 2-1

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Think beyond bowls!

The PAW Slow Feeder is a fun and unique feeding plate - perfect for pet parents to prepare a food tray with any type of food and treats, including dry, wet, raw and home cooked !

It separates food into several mini bowls to slow down the speed of consumption and reduce the risk of bloating. The unique design also encourages natural feeding behaviors such as licking, foraging and turning mealtime into an entertaining eating experience.


  • Colors: blue, orange, green, pale pink, pale blue


  • INTERACTIVE: The PAW Slow Feeder slows feeding by dividing a dog or cat's food into several shallow compartments where the food is dispersed wide or deep. Eating slowly reduces the risk of bloating and aids digestion. -
  • VARIETY: Each PetDreamHouse slow feed bowl allows for different types of food, from crispy kibble to fresh vegetables. Assorted compartment shapes and sizes introduce a variety of textures for pets.
  • CAPACITY: Each PAW holds up to 1.5 cups of appropriately sized food.
  • Healthy and fun:
  • PAW Pad spreads wet and dry foods on its textured silicone surface to encourage active licking. Licking stimulates saliva production and improves the digestive health of dogs.
  • Distract: With three suction cups on the back of each lick pad, pets are sure to be entertained, making grooming a breeze. Stick the pad to a variety of surfaces like windows, refrigerator door, walls or bathtub.
  • KEEP CALM: Licking helps release endorphins in pets, reduces anxiety and makes them calmer and more relaxed.

Slow Down Bowls, Paw 2-1