Névé necklace

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Strong and thick dog collar. 2 sizes from puppy to very large dog.


  • Color: green/blue, pink/black, black/gray, black/blue, black/red, black/green, blue/red, blue/green
  • Size: 1 or 2


  • The Névé collar is designed for harnessed dog sports.
  • Very solid, it is made up of a thicker and slightly less flexible strap than that of our Summit collar model, ideal for owners of very excited dogs and for the kennel. The argon-welded stainless steel buckle guarantees great strength and resistance even to salt water. This collar is ideal for all powerful dogs and/or dogs accustomed to pulling. To simply put it around the dog's neck, it deliberately does not have a quick release opening/closing system for greater reliability.

Data sheets

  • Materials Strap + stainless steel buckle + aluminum loop
  • Canicross, cani-mountain biking, skijoring, scooter, train activities
  • very solid
  • flexible
  • size from puppy to very large shit
  • Weight - Size 1: 67
  • - Size 2: 75
  • Length adjustments
  • Care instructions - machine washable: short cycle, cold or at 30
  • - load the machine with other textile products to prevent the carabiners from hitting the drum


  • 1: 25-45cm(neck) 2.5cm(width)
  • 2: 40-67cm(neck) 2.5cm(width)


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Névé necklace