Summit Necklace

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Soft and lightweight dog collar


  • Color: red, pink, blue, green, black
  • Size: 1 and 2


  • The Summit collar is a flexible and lightweight model ideal for racing and particularly suitable for harnessed dog sports.
  • It combines a flexible strap, a stainless steel buckle system and an aluminum loop. To simply put it around the dog's neck, it does not have a quick release opening/closing system for greater strength.

Data sheets

  • 2 year warranty
  • Materials Strap + stainless steel buckle + aluminum loop
  • very solid
  • flexible
  • size from puppy to very large dog
  • Weight - Size 1: 55 g
  • - Size 2: 60 g
  • Length adjustments


  • 1: 25-45 cm(neck)/ 2.5 cm(width)(
  • 2: 40-67 cm(neck)/ 2.5 cm(width)


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Summit Necklace