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Semi-sliding dog collar.


  • Colors: red, black, green, blue, pink
  • Unique size


  • The Inlandsis Summit Semi-Sliding dog collar is a flexible and lightweight model ideal for harnessed dog sports races (sledding, canicross, cani-MTB, etc.).
  • In one size (neck circumference between 33 and 56 cm - dimension corresponding to the tight collar), it is particularly suitable for dogs with narrow skulls who manage to remove their collar by backing up.
  • It is designed from a 25mm strap that is both flexible and resistant and equipped with a stainless steel buckle system and aluminum loop.
  • Unlike a choke collar, when the dog pulls, the Summit Semi-Sliding collar tightens by only a few cm; enough to prevent the dog from removing it but not enough to strangle it.
  • The sliding part can be easily handled and thus facilitates handling, particularly when hitching.
  • Its 2 rings allow different uses:
  • attached or on a leash: connection to the fixed ring
  • harnessed: connection to the sliding ring so as not to hinder the dog's breathing.

Data sheets

  • 2 years warranty
  • Materials 25mm strap + stainless steel buckles + aluminum loop
  • Weight 55
  • Length settings
  • Technical constraints neck circumference between 33 and 56 cm
  • Care instructions - machine washable: short cycle, cold or at 30
  • - load the machine with other textile products to prevent the carabiners from hitting the drum


  • One size: neck circumference between 33 and 56 cm
  • Adjustment advice: the Summit Semi-Sliding dog collar must be adjusted snugly without strangling the dog when it is at its tightest.


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Summit SC Necklace