Blizzard Beast Harness

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X-back performance harness for hunting-type racing dogs

The new version of the Blizzard Beast harness is finally here! It took us several years of development and numerous prototypes to achieve this innovative and unique design.

Very popular with high-level competitors, the Blizzard Beast was developed along two lines: maximizing stability without hindering freedom of movement.

It is aimed at racing dogs such as Eurohounds/ESDs, Pointers, Greysters, racing lineage Huskies and will generally be suitable for fine and athletic dogs.


  • Available in 4 colors and 7 sizes for dogs weighing 18 to 39 kg


  • Exceptional stability and power transfer thanks to the enveloping shape and the pre-formed rib cage support: the dog is wedged and can lean freely in the harness, in the axis but also laterally
  • Neck shape designed for maximum clearance of the throat and respiratory tract
  • Interscapular support and neck strap freeing the shoulders: maximum freedom of movement
  • External Hexaline fabric resistant to abrasion and offering a neat aesthetic
  • Internal fabric soft for skin and coat
  • Safe: the dog cannot get out of the harness without help. Useful for fearful and/or excited dogs
  • Reflective strips along the entire length of the harness
  • Can be soaked in water to cool the dog if the temperature requires it.

Note: The Blizzard Beast harness is very wraparound and close-fitting, making it a little more difficult to remove than a traditional x-back harness. To remove it, we advise you to raise it as close as possible to the dog's withers before passing the front legs, making sure to pass the elbow first. After a few outings, dog and owner generally understood the trick!

Technical sheet

  • 2 years warranty
  • Canicross, cani-mountain biking, skijoring, driving activities
  • Weight 130 g (size M)
  • Care instructions machine washable: short cycle, cold or 30°

Size guide

Size/Neck circumference (cm)/Weight of dog (approximate)

  • S 37-39 18-21 Kg
  • M 38-40 21-24 Kg
  • L 39-41 24-27 Kg
  • L/XL 40-42 27-30 Kg
  • XL 41-43 30-33 Kg
  • XXL 42-44 33-36 Kg
  • XXXL 43-45 36-39 Kg
  • The correct size the harness floats on the dog if you do not pull).


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Blizzard Beast Harness