Dig toy, Lunch

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Because lunch is the most important meal of the day.


  • Mental stimulation
  • Stimulation of the senses
  • Slows down meal ingestion
  • Snuff mats aren't just another adorable toy that your pet will enjoy playing with - a snuff mat will stimulate your pet's mind and senses, reduce stress, and even help with digestion in greedy eaters.
  • If your dog tends to gobble up all of his food in a matter of seconds, pour his kibble onto a snuff mat, as this will force him to slow down as he has to search for kibble. No more stomach aches after meals!


  • Intended for pets only.
  • Remove all packaging before use.
  • The product is intended for interactive play during meals, not for chewing. Always supervise your pet during use.
  • Do not leave product on the floor between meals or in crates or kennels.
  • Inspect the product regularly and replace it if it is torn, broken or damaged.

Dig toy, Lunch