Bikejoring line 2 dogs

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Leash 2 dogs for the cani-mountain bike and the cani-scooter


  • Color: black, blue, green, red
  • Extension length: 2.5m


  • The Inlandsis Twinjor 2 dog leash allows you to harness two dogs for cani-mountain biking and cani-scooter riding, for leisure or competition.
  • It is equipped with:
  • 2 shock absorbers (1 for each dog) which optimize the comfort of dogs by adapting to the traction exerted by each of them
  • a handle on the cyclist's side which allows attachment to any bicycle or scooter frame and can be held in the hand
  • high-end finishes; the shock absorbers being sewn directly to the strap (instead of simply knotted to it)
  • For safe practice, it is recommended to combine it with a Bikejor Max cani-mountain bar and add a neck line (see accessories).
  • Patent pending on our process for attaching the shock absorber using Bartack stitching, allowing for better integration, weight savings and improved aesthetics compared to traditional knots.

Data sheets

  • 2 years warranty
  • Materials Tubular strap + 2 zinc-plated steel carabiners
  • Cani-mountain biking, cani-scooter activities
  • Weight 295g
  • Extension length 2.5 m
  • Length at rest 1.7 m
  • Federation compatibility All
  • For dogs weighing 15 kg and over
  • Care instructions - machine washable: short cycle, cold or 30°
  • Load the machine with other textile products to prevent the carabiners from hitting the drum


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Bikejoring line 2 dogs