Leash with aluminum clip

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Robust leash with quality ALU carabiner for medium and large dogs.


  • Silver color
  • Height: 180cm


  • The FLAT leash with ALU carabiner is very light and is made of high quality non-absorbent material that does not burn in the hands. It can be used for daily walks and exhibitions.
  • The leash is improved by an additional handle placed closer to the carabiner which can be used at any time to hold the dog closer.
  • This is a perfect leash for training or when you need to quickly bring the dog closer to you while walking
  • A high-quality ALU carabiner placed at the end of the strap allows you to attach the collar (maximum load up to 400 kg). The total length is 180 cm.

Data sheets

  • length: 180 cm
  • width: 3cm
  • the strap is 100% polypropylene
  • quality ALU carabiner (max. up to 400 kg)
  • can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C


Leash with aluminum clip