Canicross - Crosstrail line

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Canicross leash for leisure and competition.


  • Color: green, blue, red, black
  • Extension length: 2m


  • Our Crosstrail 2 leash is designed for intensive canicross practice for leisure or competition. It is equipped with 2 carabiners for simplified use during training. The carabiner on the runner's side is removable and can be removed for competitions in federations requiring only 1 carabiner: in this case the leash will be attached to the harness via a lark's head.
  • It differs from other models by:
  • its careful finish: the shock absorber is directly sewn to the strap instead of being tied to it
  • its handle on the dog side which makes it easier to control the animal (competition starts, overtaking, etc.)
  • its Inlandsis naval bronze carabiners designed for harsh conditions: do not rust, resistant to frost and salt, superior wear resistance thanks to the closed body mechanism.
  • Patent pending on our process for attaching the shock absorber using Bartack stitching, allowing for better integration, weight savings and improved aesthetics compared to traditional knots.

Data sheets

  • 2 years warranty
  • Canicross activities
  • Highlights dog side handle, sewn shock absorber, naval bronze carabiners
  • Weight 159g
  • Extension length 2 m
  • Length at rest 1.17 m
  • Compatibility for all federations
  • Care instructions machine washable, max 30°C


Canicross - Crosstrail line