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Halter for the stable.


  • Colors: blue, black, pink, gray, orange, turquoise, Bordeaux Red, Antique Rose, mauve, reflex green, brown, forest green, red, green
  • Sizes: XS to EXL


  • Suitable to be fitted for long periods and for horses with sensitive skin. The structure of the halter is specially designed not to scratch and the skin is not heated or damp. Soft padding is found on the noseband, cheekpiece and headpiece.
  • Suitable for long trailer journeys for its comfort and low weight.
  • The halter can be color matched with a leash, fringes, etc.
  • Owners appreciate its functionality, practicality and ease of maintenance. The accessories available for this halter are the occipital strap, which prevents the horse from removing the halter.
  • The circumference of the nose strap is shown in the table.

***ON ORDER ONLY. Simply write us the desired size and color and we will order it for you.