Protein Pates – 100% Pure Duck

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At PureBites, here's what we always tell pet parents: "Go ahead and look at our ingredients." What makes all the difference is our simple formulas made with high-quality ingredients, the same ones we choose for our family. And at PureBites, that means everyone in the family. PureBites 100% Pure Duck Pate is the ultimate pure protein treat, mix, appetizer or booster. It's made with just one simple human food grade ingredient: 100% pure duck. Nothing else. No artificial colors, fillers, sweeteners or preservatives. This pâté offers a deliciously smooth texture that cats love. PureBites Patés are a great way to make mealtime fun and stimulating with a taste that cats love and a wealth of nutrients that their parents love. PureBites is a proudly Quebec company that has been feeding and pampering pets since 2005.


  • 2.5oz


  • Human grade duck.


  • Made with just 1 ingredient; 100% pure and natural duck.
  • PureBites Duck Protein Patés can be served as a treat, mix, appetizer or pure protein booster.
  • Have a deliciously smooth texture that cats love.
  • Made using a delicate cooking process that maintains the freshness of pure meat without adding preservatives.
  • 100% natural and grain-free, high in protein and 102 calories per can.
  • Ideal for cats with health problems such as: overweight, diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders as well as restricted diet.
  • Food guide

    • Open the can and offer it as a tasty treat or make mealtime more exciting by mixing it with your cat's food to give it a delicious and nutritious 'little boost'.
    • Serve daily as a healthy treat, mix or topping for your cat.
    • Intended as a supplement to a diet only.
    • It can be given to your cat every day to accompany a complete and balanced food.

    Protein Pates – 100% Pure Duck